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A short lesson in biologic medicine

Until recently the term medicine biologics was completely unknown to me. That fact and pretty much everything else in my life changed recently when someone I love was diagnosed with cancer. Going through the diagnoses and everything else that came after was a horrendous mess. I immediately pushed out all of the other things in my life and focused on doing as much research as I could possibly fit into my brain. The first few weeks were a storm of information, none of it I understood. It was so incredibly difficult for me to find any information out there that wasn’t encrypted into scientist jargon. I consider myself a fairly educated person but when it came to trying to understand medicine biologics it was as if someone was trying to speak to me in a lost African language. autologous stem cellEventually I found one or two web pages that helped me understand the process in a language I could understand then consecutive meetings with the doctors and specialists also helped clear up some of the confusion with descriptions that I could understand. Basically what the doctors told us is that there is a treatment plan for the type and strength of cancer we were fighting. The doctor warned us however that the amount of chemotherapy it would take to get rid of the cancer would probably have some pretty devastating side effects both physically and emotionally. The horrendous effects of chemo are pretty well known by now. How this all related to medicine biologics is that apparently chemo also destroys the stem cells in your bone marrow and blood but by using an extraction process, doctors can reinvigorate your body after the chemo with the stem cells it needs. It is a bit of a complicated process but I will try to give you a quick run through in a relatively simple way so you as well can start to have a basic understanding of this process that is supposed to make chemotherapy much more tolerable for your body. As I said, chemotherapy can destroy the stem cells that your body naturally produces. In order to evade this a tiny bit, doctors can remove some of your stem cells through either the bone marrow or through the blood. Then after you go through your chemotherapy the doctors can reintroduce the stem cells to you body where ever they need to go, usually throughout different areas of the bone marrow, in order to start repairing your body from terrible ordeal that is chemotherapy. This process will not solve all of the problems that come along with chemo and it is still a very difficult process. Hopefully with regenerative stem cells though you can get back going again a little bit quicker and start to feel better sooner. I expect that the technology to fight and treat cancer will only improve over the next few years and hopefully it won’t be too much longer that people have to deal with this sort of thing.  Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases I can think of and I know this process is going to be terribly hard for all of us.

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Effective Plumbing Marketing Includes Branding and an Online Strategy

Plumbing can be a very lucrative business especially if you operate in a large area. However, if competition is stiff within that area, you have to jostle your way into your market’s mind.  You cannot just rely on word of mouth to get your services known to other people. After all, most people do not pick up their phones to call their friends to ask for referrals for plumbing services. People go online to look for service providers. That is why it is necessary for you to have an online presence like a website. You should also know or hire some someone adept on SEO for plumbers.

SEO for plumbers

responding to a plumbing call

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of affecting the results of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo when certain keywords are searched so that a certain website will show up in the top search results (preferably number 1 or at the very least in the first page). For example, when a potential client searches for “plumbers in Denver,” and if you have a successful SEO strategy using those keywords, your website will show in the top search results.

You can work to be top of mind among your existing customers and you can work on getting their loyalty. However, you must also work to get new customers lest you find yourself run out of job prospects.  In order to be successful as a plumber, marketing should be one of your top business priorities.

So, how can you market your services effectively?

Get Found Online

As mentioned earlier, you should have your own website.  You do not need to make it too complicated. You only need to provide important basic information like company name; location of your office; how you can be contacted; operating hours, if any (some plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days  a week); and areas you service. Add in testimonials from your existing customers to improve your credibility.

As also mentioned, you should have an SEO strategy so that your website will easily be found. If you do not know anything about SEO, hire one who knows. For a plumber, SEO knowledge is the least of his priorities. You don’t have to do it yourself. You can always get someone to do it for you.


You should have a good logo that sticks. Meaning, it should be aesthetic enough to be easily remembered and it should be designed in a way that it will convey service reliability. Branding is no longer just a concept for big corporations. It should be embraced by each business, big or small, or even people who provide professional services like doctors or lawyers.

Getting a good logo design is a worthy investment. A logo can represent reliability, quality, and value for money. Your logo, when done well, will be the first thing that will come up in a person’s mind when they think about you and your business.  Your logo should be included in all of your advertising formats to ensure consistency. We will discuss in succeeding posts other advertising formats that you can use to market your services.

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Autologous Cells: Not Someone Else’s DNA Anymore

One of the biggest hurdles of organ transplants these days is making sure that the recipient’s body doesn’t reject the foreign organ (or tissue, as in the case of bone marrow transplants). There are entire armies of people dedicated to making sure that the surgery goes smoothly, that recovery progresses as it should, and what to do if there are post-operational complications in the patient who needed such a life-saving procedure done. The advances in medical knowledge and technology made in the past decade have been amazing; but we still have a long way to go.

Current research in medicine biologics is focusing on stem cells. And these stem cells are not your controversial fetal stem cells that were originally studied. These are adult stem cells, which have now been found to be just as pluripotent as fetal stem cells and not nearly as ethically questionable. Experimental lab-based procedures have shown that the field has indeed advanced to a point for which it can grow, say, liver tissue that is identical in DNA to your own liver, with cells taken from your own body. Cells from a diseased individual can be taken and multiplied, allowing scientists to study that particular disease over long periods of time at a highly detailed level without any worry or risk as associated with a real, sick patient. These advances have allowed for a deeper and more comprehensive understanding about the potential cures or preventative medications for certain diseases, and imply the possibility of a cure for just about anything.

It has been shown that healthy stem cells have regenerative powers. A sick patient can receive an infusion of healthy bone marrow and become well. This is all very well and fine, but the processes by which the donor gives bone marrow to the recipient patient are invasive and painful. New research is being done on the idea that we may be able to extract the necessary stem cells from adipose tissue instead—a far less invasive process. One that, in fact, is done every day for cosmetic purposes. Consider the idea that one day, your extra adipose tissue you’ve been trying so hard to lose could save your life if you get some kind of disease.

The adipose tissue cells are capable of being pluripotent, scientific researchers into the subject have shown, and while the procedures are not yet completed—the research results are due to be released some time mid-2016—there is great hope in the community that this will, over time as the technology develops, change the face of modern medicine and care. This research also taps into replacing sick, damaged cells with whole, healthy ones. The implications of that go far beyond simply curing diseases—if it lives up to its potential, this new research may show the key to preventing diseases altogether as scientists learn how to catch diseases in their very first cellular manifestations and alter the course that it might usually take back to the courses of a healthy cell cycle.

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How are shingles used in residential and commercial roofing?

Residential roofing as well as commercial roofing are projects that require significant industry acumen. Indeed, one cannot simply decide to open a roofing company without having intimate knowledge of the industry as well as experience in working on roofing projects. It would be an unthinkable step to open a company if you barely knew how to work on a roof. That is why, regardless of the type of roofing material you decide is right for your project or where you live, you must select a local and long standing roofing company. When these two qualifications are met, you know you can count on two things. The first is that the company will know about the types of roofing materials best utilized in the place that you live. No one wants to use a roofing material that will end up hurting your home more than helping it. After all, the roofing material selected can play a huge role in insulating the house and creating vast amounts of energy savings. If you do not pay close attention to this, you run the risk of losing a lot of money with a roof that does not protect your home from the outside elements, and is this not the main purpose of having a roof in the first place? Second, when the company you select has been in business for a while, you know that they are company that can be trusted. You know that there is a reason that they have managed to stay in business as long as they have, and you can bet that they are trustworthy and provide a quality product. That is why if you live in the greater Denver area, you simply must chose Campbell Beard Roofing for your roofing projects. Not only are they a quality roofing company, but they have been serving the Denver metro area and Front Range communities for almost twenty years. Talk about stamp of approval!

http://www.campbellbeardroofing.comNow, let us imagine that you are choosing the type of roof you would like to use for your new home. There are many options, but you are particularly drawn to the shingle. Which kind of shingle should you use? What will keep your home warm, and which will give you peace of mind as well as aesthetic enjoyment? Here are few options if you live in Colorado:

According to Campbell Beard Roofing, using an asphalt shingle is your best bet. The asphalt shingle is made from bitumen embedded in an organic or fiberglass mat which is then covered in a ceramic, colored grit. This material holds up particularly well against tough weather elements, and it is also less expensive that slate shingles or tiles. An alternative to the asphalt shingle is the rubber shingle, which is made clearly of mostly rubber, tending to be derived from recycled tires. Other materials used in a rubber shingle include binders, ultraviolet light inhibitors, and various additions to produce color. Rubber shingles often last at least fifty years in most cases, which made the need for roofing repair almost none while living in that house! Choose a material and company that is right for you when you make your roofing decisions!

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Migraine Relief Includes Proper Stress Management

With all the hustle bustles of work and everyday life, how do you cope with stress, headaches and other body disorders in order to be fully functioning most of the time?

With rapid movement and growth all around us, things have become simpler; yet, things are also, paradoxically, more tasking for everyone. While we can now send emails instead of snail mails and receive communication  from our partners and clients all around the globe with a few clicks of the mouse and few touches, the stress part would surely still be present. Receiving irate emails from your boss or even a dissatisfied reply from one of your clients would mean a lot of stress. This shows that no matter how advance the world is in technology, stress is and will still be and part of the hindrances of every workforce.

natural headache relief


This stress produces headaches that may result to absenteeism and even lack of motivation to work. The other bad thing about stress is that you can’t erase it completely in this world or in the workforce. As mentioned earlier, new technologies might make work easier, but they may not necessarily reduce stress levels. However, there is still good news in managing stress or abating the headaches that come along with them.

There are natural headache relief medications or interventions available. Of course, the risks of stress should also be reduced as a preventive measure.

You have a lot of things piled up in your table, a report to do that is due tomorrow and lots of meetings coming up all day just for a single project in your job. This can be quite stressful! But if you put your time management skills in its best mode, and summon your interpersonal skills so there is less friction with your officemates, you can reduce the stress levels in your office. Throw in a couple of relaxation and stress relieving techniques that you can do during your work breaks. Plus, have a healthy diet for a balanced life. With that mix, you can reduce your stress and probably avoid headaches and migraines altogether. After all, one of the best headache relief is really proper stress management.

However, not everyone understands this. And it might be very easy to say all these things, but putting it to practice is entirely a different story.

What now can you do to ensure that headaches won’t come your way despite the very stressful environment you are in? Or perhaps, in a more assumptive tone, what can you do to achieve a sure way to achieve stress relief (after being beaten up by work all day)?

Well, a lot of practices have worked for a lot of people. And these can vary from one individual to the other. But the best way still, is to go back to proper self-care. While the most frequent solutions to headache relief is a pain or headache reliever, the not so common approach to relief from stress is being more loving to one’s body.  Then, you won’t need those cluster headaches treatment, anymore.

Have enough sleep at night; do not compromise your sleeping hours with anything. Drink plenty of water to cool down your body system, and most of all, eat fruits for easy digestion. Then, a relatively stress-free success is on your way.

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Weed and Cannabis Deals Increase Cannabis Hype

With cannabis coupons, consumers are able to afford high quality recreational marijuana. Cannabis enthusiasts can use weed and cannabis deals in the state of Colorado, where the sale and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes has been legalized.

The state of Colorado has expanded from its previous adoption of medical marijuana to accepting recreational marijuana as well. With the new legal status for recreational marijuana, the industry has experienced a big boom in the state. Colorado is also the first state in the United States of America to open recreational pot stores and is the first legislative body in the world to regulate marijuana from seed to sale.


cannabis coupons


Weed and cannabis deals have gained a lot of popularity in Colorado, since the state has become a safe haven for smokers of marijuana and cannabis enthusiasts. Selling weed is also a good business opportunity for many entrepreneurs who see the profitability of the industry. In fact, many have joined the bandwagon of local dispensaries that suppliers are now providing lower costs and weed coupons to attract more consumers.

In the past, when marijuana was considered illegal, dealers would sell cannabis at marked up prices. This was accepted because it was difficult to obtain weed during those days and the risks of being caught in possession of these crop, either as a seller or a user, were grave. Many potheads ended up in prison when they weren’t careful. These days, with the increasing sales of marijuana, it is not uncommon to see dispensaries and all sorts of weed and cannabis deals. There are even cannabis coupons that you can find on the Internet.

Next to alcohol and tobacco, marijuana is considered the third most popular recreational drug in the United States. This explains the mad rush of curious citizens and cannabis enthusiasts to the state of Colorado. With rising popularity of Colorado as being among the only two states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, hundreds of eager patrons have flocked the local dispensaries to get supplies. The massive demand has even influenced rumors that the store owners in the state are selling out of weed. Dispensaries, however, are assuring the community that they still have a significant amount of inventory and they are simply managing their supplies. The problem lies in the huge rush of consumers that want to purchase recreational marijuana, with or without weed coupons.

The sale of recreational marijuana was allowed in the state of Colorado beginning on January 1, 2014. Sales can be made by anyone aged 21 years old or older. Purchases are also limited to an ounce. These purchases can be made using weed and cannabis deals and cannabis coupons to avail of discounts. Many opt to use weed coupons because you can get an ounce, which typically costs about $200, for as low as a hundred dollars.

Washington voters have also said yes to legalizing marijuana. Retail outlets are set to open at Washington later this year and we can expect that state to be filled with a variety of weed and cannabis deals, too.

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My Grammie loves jewelry of all kinds.


I will never forget the phone call I received on 12:45 in the early afternoon at the end of September. It was a Thursday. The fall was moving in and around us and we were all beginning to get excited about the holiday season’s fast approach. It was a time that symbolized family and togetherness. It was my mom who called me that September day and I knew immediately something was up, my mother never called me at this time of day. My father had been sick, in fact he had had a heart attack and six arteries bypassed six days earlier. I knew for sure my mother was calling to tell me something happened to him. I was at work as a receptionist at a natural spa in my home town. The owner of the small spa was giving a massage in a room just down the hall. There was really only a split second between my seeing my mother’s name and making the call. It was too hard to answer the phone but it was harder not knowing why she was calling. She asked me to go somewhere to sit down and somewhere where I was alone. I refused and begged her to tell me.

“Grammie died today.”

She said it in such a straight voice, I can’t believe how strong she was. I was not strong in that moment and I completely fell apart. I remember pounding my fists onto the ground. Though I wasn’t thinking about the holidays in that moment, I certainly thought about them a few days later when I realized how different they would be without my Grammie there with us.

It’s a strange thing going through some one’s things when it’s time to do so. It felt callous to start going through her stuff as soon as we did but it was impractical not to. My mother encouraged me to look through her jewelry to see if there was anything I liked. I knew my Grammie would have loved that piece though because she always wanted to give me pretty things. I asked my mother about her wedding ring and what they were going to do with it. It was such a precious story how my Grammie got her engagement ring and I wanted to hear the story again to remember her being alive. Mom smiled and told me the story with tears in her eyes. She told me the story I had heard so many times growing up and she told the story she had heard so many times growing up. My Grammie told my mom that she knew my Grandpa was the one for her when he proposed to her. He took the extra time and care to find a jeweler that he respected and would fashion my Grammie the perfect ring to represent who she was as a woman and as his future wife. My grandfather is an artist and so he has an eye for the beautiful, which was actually a line from his engagement speech. She said yes right away. They were married fifty-eight years.

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What To Take Care Of For A Dumpster Rental Service

  When I was put in charge or waste management for our company picnic, I started to panic, mostly because I had no idea how to take care of any sort of garbage management.  Thankfully, I was given proper advice from the person who was in charge of the last year’s picnic.  Dumpster rental isn’t nearly as complicated or stressful as I made it seem, so I was relieved that I had a real handle of things.  Even though our company picnic is one of the larger gatherings (we fly in employees from all over the country), I have to make sure that all of the waste is thoroughly taken care of.

    I first had to make sure the dumpster service I was hiring was going to be reliable and trustworthy.  I can’t imagine the kind of embarrassment I would go through If I left a massive amount of garbage and picnic waste, so I had to check the credentials of the company.  I found the ideal company to help me with my dumpster rental, and they assured me that they would both deliver and pick up the dumpsters on time, so I had no need to worry about embarrassing situations in front of the corporate executives.  When I talked to them over the phone, they were also helpful in regard to judging how much dumpster space I would need based on how many people were coming to the company picnic.

    All of these are highly important factors to consider when arranging a dumpster rental service.  Without this information, you could be in a position of either not having enough space to store all of your waste, or you would be spending too much money for space you didn’t need in the first place.  Just as long as you are clear with how many people are attending and what kind of waste you will be producing, such as glass, paper, or food waste, your dumpster rental service will be able to give you an accurate estimate as to how many roll off or front end dumpsters you will need.

    There is a big difference between roll off and front end loading dumpsters.  Front end dumpsters are the ones you see in larger residential complexes and the ones restaurants use on a daily basis.  The roll off dumpsters are much larger and are normally used for construction sites and demolitions.  For this situation I opted for the front end dumpsters.  I found these to be much more accessible than the roll off dumpsters.

    When the time came around to wrap up the company picnic, I received so many comments about how neat and clean the trash collection was!  Many of the picnic goers were satisfied with the amount of space available for their food waste, and were also pleasantly surprised to see ample space for recycling aluminum and glass.  In the end, I was extremely relieved that I took the proper precautions when arranging a reliable and trustworthy place where I could rent a dumpster.

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One of the Most Classy and Practical Types of Flooring is Hardwood Flooring.

hardwood flooring When it comes time to replace your flooring, you have a few options.  First of all, you can stick with whatever flooring you have now, and simply install a newer version.  However, maybe now is the time for you to try a different kind of flooring.  For instance, if you have carpet, it may be time to switch to something else.  After all, carpet is not particularly sanitary, as it can collect germs and mold very easily.  One of the most classy and practical types of flooring is hardwood flooring.  For a long time, hardwood flooring has been perceived as a very elegant and stylish feature for a home to have.  Carpet and other types of flooring, including linoleum and vinyl, can fade over the years.  If you take excellent care of your hardwood floors, though, they can last for many years.  If properly taken care of, hardwood floors are supposed to last much longer than other types of floors.  Plus, having well-kept hardwood floors can actually add to the value of your home, as some homebuyers consider hardwood flooring a vital feature.  If you currently have hardwood floors that are damaged in some way, you may not have to resort to replacing them.  You an actually get your hardwood floors repaired, in many cases.  Generally, the same hardwood flooring experts who can install brand new flooring for you can also provide floor repair services, as well.  As hardwood floors can be a bit more pricey than other types of flooring, it is often best to at least investigate the cost of repairs, before you decide to replace your flooring.  Hardwood floors can accumulate a lot of damage, especially if you are not mindful of their proper care.  For one thing, even though the finish on hardwood floors is waterproof, it is not good to allow spills to sit on your hardwood floor.  Nothing deteriorates hardwood flooring like too much water, so you need to always be mindful of that.  If you do not think that you can keep up with the proper care that is required of hardwood flooring, perhaps you should reconsider.  If you do have the patience to take care of your hardwood floors, they can be an excellent investment, as well as a pleasant addition to your home.  They also save you money, insofar as they last longer than other types of floors and they can add to the value of your home, which is good if you ever intend to sell it.  In terms of maintenance, the main thing to remember is to get your hardwood floors refinished.  The refinishing process is very important, as it is the only thing protecting your hardwood floors from water and other potentially harmful materials.  You should get your floors refinished by hardwood flooring professionals every few years.  Hardwood floor refinishing is not something you should try to do on your own.  It is best to have a reputable hardwood flooring company send over their personnel to do it for you.

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The Vacuum Store Will Bring Life Back Into Your Vacuum

Sometimes, there are things in this life that aren’t necessarily fun to talk about but they’re often the things that we need to discuss the most. I’m not suggesting that we dive deep into the nether-regions and darkest corners of our minds by any means, I’m actually talking about something a lot more light-hearted than what you might have expected after that introduction. It might be difficult to get excited about the idea of recycling and reusing things, whether it’s old appliances, plastics or scrap metal, but it’s something that I believe is important. Like I said, it might not be fun to talk about, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t discuss it. There are things that are built to last and other things that are built to break down, it’s all about the intent and purpose of the product being produced. Sometimes, it’s a lot more about the era that it was produced in than anything else, like anything that was built in America before all the factories shut down and moved production overseas. We used to make appliances and other things that were some of the best-built and highest quality products on the planet. Kitchen and home appliances like refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, for example, were built to last in American factories by American hands. Many of the internal parts and components of these machines get worn down and need to be replaced, but like a 56′ Chevy, you don’t junk the whole car just because the engine’s blown. So many old cars were sold to scrap yards and crushed before we knew the direction that the American car industry was heading, that the value of certain makes and models still around have sky-rocketed. This is actually happening with all kinds of products made during the 50s and 60s, including vacuum cleanersvacuum cleaners of all things.

If you walk into a vintage furniture store, you might find some old appliances scattered about the shelves as well. Most of the time, they don’t work and they’re being sold for nostalgic, sentimental reasons. But, if you go into a typical vacuum cleaner repair store, you’ll see old, nostalgic vacuums, but the difference is that they still work. Vacuums cleaners were one of many products made by Americans during that time that were built to last, so given the proper care and having access to replacement parts, there are 50 and 60 year old vacuum cleaners that are still alive and kicking. No one is going to make a lot of money, if any, by scrapping the recyclable parts of a vacuum cleaner. So, if it’s economically feasible, there’s no good reason to throw it out if it can be repaired. Any vacuum store that repairs and or sells used vacuum cleaners, would be happy to give you their opinion on the matter if you’ve got one that has seen better days. Nothing terrible is likely to happen if you take your vacuum cleaner in to get looked at, and I think it’s worth your time and maybe your money to look into it.

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Color cut clarity in a GIA certified diamond

GIA certified diamonds undergo a strict guideline to be able to decide what the color cut and clarity of the diamond are going to be rated. Knowing that you have a GIA certified diamond can be an important part of making the right choice when she’s in the right diamond. Do not fall for something that is going to be interpreted differently amongst strict standards. Knowing that you are getting a diamond that has the color cut clarity that you want is only as good as knowing how it is certified. In the industry there are the most highly ranked certification that exist in knowing that you are getting the right certification will help you and ensure that you were getting the diamond you are setting out to get. Certain clarifications and ratings are only done correctly or as tightly scrutinized as GIA certified diamonds. If you were going to go with a certified diamond that has a looser standard you just need to realize that you need to take in consideration of what it is and how it can affect the price of your time.  Be sure to know what the guidelines are foreign HRD certified diamond compared to the GIA certified diamonds. Knowing the difference will help you to avoid the mistake of what you were getting for your money. The classifications that they have can vary several degrees in different categories. If you’re getting a diamond that is certified with a looser rating be sure you understand the difference between that certification versus another certification. When you’re able to have an informed decision about your choices will help you make the right choice when it comes to your diamond.  Color cut and clarity are all a big choice when choosing a diamond. loose diamondsBut having certification of the diamond will ensure that you were actually getting the right color cut and clarity you’re sitting out to get. Knowing what the standards are and how each one is certified under scrutiny can help you decide the difference and what you will see between the different certifications. Having a certified diamond is always the best choice. You do not always have to have a GIA certified diamond and less you are particularly knowledgeable and will only go for a certain certification then you just need to know how the very and what the differences are. Having a certified diamond can ensure your diamond is true quality and you’re getting what is specified in the purchase. Knowing the certifications can help you make the best informed decision about your diamond. Without having a certified diamond you’re taking big risk in not knowing that it has undergone a lot of scrutiny to determine its color cut and clarity. When properly certified you can also increase the long-term value of your diamond. It is more trusted throughout the industry and will retain more value as it is correctly certified. Noncertified diamonds put risk in the air and can leave you in regret in the end.


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A DUI Lawyer Does More Than Just Interpret the Law

Through college, you tend to learn things from inside a bubble. While I am an enormous proponent of college education, in general, and liberal arts education, in particular, I also remember from my education that we spent a lot of time on the theoretical side of things, not always the practical side. When I learned about the way that law and the legal system works, we were told about ideal circumstances, models, and theoretical machinery. In reality, things are always a bit messier than they appear in the classroom. A DUI attorney does more than just coldly interpret the law. It is not as if at every hearing, people pull out old, dusty copies of the Constitution and the state law and start bantering about semantics. DUI attorneys advocate for their clients. There are there defending them. They are in their corner making sure that they are protected and are given the fullest treatment of justice. They look at the law from multiple angles to ensure that their clients are not being excluded in some way. This does not mean that they are trying to get around the law. A DUI lawyer stays within the scope of the law but is still able to find parts of the law that are under-acknowledged. The thing is that the law is not a perfect model that is frozen in time and is infallible. The law starts with the idea of justice. It starts with the idea that people should be treated fairly and that there ought to be a way of making sure that everyone gets fair treatment. Brute and strength do not get to push people around; it is the law that determines what happens to people, which presumably is more fair. But this is just a system made up by people, and people make mistakes. This is why laws change, why we have amendments, and why people protest. A DUI lawyer does not go around the law. They move toward justice. And sometimes the law does not always extend to justice. It seems contradictory but again, this is why the law changes. It is a growing process of forming relevant and fair laws. This is all to say that this is why Lazzara Legal does not just interpret the law and leave it at that. They fight for you and your case. They realize that there is more happening than just reading the law off paper. Even if you could trust the opposition to be that earnest, it would still misunderstand what it is that the law does and what it is. These are not holy creeds sent down, never to be violated. These were the best guesses of people living a long time ago. These are the products of political compromise. These are changed laws. So find a lawyer that is going to fight to make sure that you are on the right side of justice. A DUI lawyer like Lazzara Legal is one that is going to make sure that you are protected.

Lazzara Legal