Data Analysis Consulting Leads To Top-Notch Operations

There is an emerging field that incorporates several other fields of science to complete its specialty.  The field of data science is not necessarily a new one, but is one that has come to be much more important in the last decade or so.  Now that our lives are documented digitally in every aspect, a great deal of data is stored.  Any company today, large or small, collects data on their every day proceedings.  This data builds up pretty quickly and must be back-stored to make space for our smaller, more regular procedures that are done digitally.  When such massive amounts of data are stored they can easily be ignored and never assessed.  However, the assessment and analysis of this data can be extremely vital to the smooth operations of that company.

Why do we collect data in the first place?  It is always a good idea to document occurrences and situations so that they can be revisited if needed.  Data collection is also done so that data sets may be used for analysis.  When we continue to document every data miningaspect of a procedure, such as a flight from Denver to San Diego for example, there is a great deal that can be learned.  If every flight from Denver to San Diego is documented over one year, we then have the ability to make several assessments on the flight which could lead to improvements.  Take, for example, the length of the flight.  It likely varies between each one but stays within an average range.  This range allows the airline to better plan for their scheduling and for how much fuel and other resources are needed per flight.  Additionally, if there ever is a flight length that is well outside of the standard range, we would know that it might need a closer look.  What made the flight so much faster or slower than the others?  Can it be solved by looking at the collected data, or was the data collection itself wrong for this flight?

By just looking at one aspect of one type of flight you can see how much can be learned.  So imagine if you are collecting measurements on thousands of flights a day; there would be a lot to learn but also a great deal of data to process and analyze.  Data science consulting firms like Mosaic Data Science are specially trained to organize large data sets for analysis.  In the example above, they would provide flight lengths and other variables that affect flight lengths so that as assessment could be made about them.  This assessment would be under the ultimate goal of improving operational efficiency.  Mosaic Data Science has an entire team of professional data scientists that can provide exactly these assessments and analyses for any company.  Although they specialize in air traffic and shipping, they have the capacity to run an analysis for any company.  Mosaic would provide a report on trends and patterns for all aspects of your operations.  They could provide suggestions for optimization as well as risk assessments for future success.

Braces vs. Invisalign: which is right for you? teeth that were out of alignment a century ago was an unfortunate thing.  There was little that medicine and dentistry could do to fix the problem.  If they tried to fix it, it often resulted in them pulling several teeth to allow the other teeth to move into place.  In other words, it wasn’t a very fun procedure to try and straighten your teeth in the early 20th century.  Fortunately, today numerous alternatives exist, and all of them are effective in their own way.

If you’ve been informed by your dentist that you’re going to need to see an orthodontist and have your teeth straightened, you’ve probably already started to wonder which of these alternatives is best for you.  Today, the two major options for  people who need to have their teeth aligned are braces and Invisalign.  Braces have been around for much longer and have been proven to be effective, but they have some downsides.  Invisalign is a recent breakthrough, offering an alternative to braces but with some associated risks.  So, which one is right for you?

First, let’s start with braces.  Braces have been around for over a thousand years, albeit in different forms.  Today, they mostly consist of having brackets attached via glue to your problem teeth.  The brackets for most of the teeth go on the front of the tooth, and then brackets that go around teeth are attached to the furthest back molars.  Then, a piece of wire is run through the brackets and attached to the bracket in the back.  Then, small pieces of plastic which can be colored in different ways are placed on the bracket, holding the wire in place.  The wire is then tightened on a regular basis to pull the teeth into the position they should be in.  The clear benefit of braces is that they work every single time.  Once their job is completed and they are removed, it is very unlikely that your teeth will shift back into a bad position.  Thus, braces are more effective than other alternatives at fixing the mouths of people who have serious dental issues, and they are more effective at resolving those issues permanently.  However, they are also more uncomfortable, can cause more discomfort, and are highly visible.

Invisalign on the other hand is incredibly comfortable to wear, doesn’t cause any major discomfort or pain, and can barely be seen, even when people are looking hard.  Invisalign consists of a series of plastic trays that are used in succession to move the teeth into their proper place.  They are nearly as effective as braces at moving teeth into their proper place, but teeth are more likely to shift back once the Invisalign treatment is complete.  They’re better for adults who don’t want to have to go through the ordeal of wearing braces, but they aren’t as effective at resolving teeth alignment issues forever.

There are clean pros and cons to each of the methods.  Both are effective, but at varying degrees.  Thus, take the time to speak with your orthodontist about the one that is best for you before moving forward with a selection.

Here are the top five signs that you need to go to drug rehab

Having a drug addiction can ruin your life. It can cause you to distance yourself from everyone that you love and care about as well as push people away. It can also cause those that love you to distance themselves from you if you are becoming more moody and showing signs of extreme irritability. Participating in recreational drugs is never healthy for you but it is also important to know when you have taken them too far and have developed an addiction. If you have discovered that you have an addiction to drugs then you need to check yourself into a drug rehab program, such as NorthStar Transitions, as soon as possible so that you can get all of the help you need. The sooner that you visit a rehabilitation center, the sooner that you can put your drug problem behind you and move on to start a healthier and happier future without using drugs as a way to make you happy. drug rehap

There are many different ways to recognize a drug addiction within yourself and to recognize when you need to help. Here are the top five signs that you need to visit a drug rehab center and seek out therapy.

1. You have missed work, canceled appointments, canceled dates with friends or family as a result of your drug use. If you find yourself canceling dates and other important appointments in order to make more time to use drugs, then that is a sign of drug addiction.

2. You feel sick when you don’t have the drugs in your system so you take them to relieve your withdrawal symptoms. If you have noticed that you experience drug withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating and feeling terrible and then take drugs to relieve those symptoms, then you are experiencing signs of drug addiction.

3. You feel helpless and as if you have no control over the drugs that you are using. If you are experiencing feelings of helplessness and loss of control over your use of drugs, then you may have a drug addiction and need to seek help.

4. You feel as if using drugs is the most important thing in your life. If you ever feel as if your life revolves around using drugs, then that is a telltale sign of a drug addiction. You should seek help immediately so that you can put yourself on a healthier path for a happier future.

5. You have stopped doing everything else that makes you happy since doing drugs puts you in that happy place. Doing drugs can trigger certain hormonal responses in your brain and cause you to feel waves of happiness or other emotions. The same responses can be found when exercising or participating in team sports. If you have stopped doing healthy activities such as working out and replaced it with drugs, then you need therapy.

These were just five of the many signs that you can use to see if you have been abusing drugs. It is vital to get help and seek out drug rehab if you have these signs.

You need professional tile cleaning

carpet cleaning If you are like me then you have tile all over your home. Well not actually all over the entire house because that would be ridiculous but in a few key areas in my home. You might also have tile counter tops in your kitchen, as well as tile flooring in the bathrooms, and some decorative tile mosaics outside. I love my tiling but the one problem I kept running into was how to keep those tiles clean. The tile itself is easy to clean but the grout in between the cracks of the tiles always seemed to be discolored. Even after deep cleaning the grout repeatedly nothing would help get that discoloration out. I tried every product and technique but I just couldn’t make that grout white again until I called All Pro Chem Dry . They went to work quickly and got the job done much faster then expected I would definitely call them again. I would highly recommend calling professional tile cleaners to handle all of your tile cleaning needs as I know they certainly helped me. Read on if you want to know more about the benefits of calling a professional tile cleaning service.

If you want to clean your tiles yourself then you will need to assemble several tools first. You will need some old towels you do not mind getting dirty. A thin brush for scrubbing all those hard to reach places as well as tiling cleaner that you can pick up at your local grocery store. For safety make sure you put on rubber gloves and a surgical mask to protect you from chemicals and harmful bacteria. The first thing you will do is get a bucket of warm water and assemble your tools. Take all your supplies to the area that you wish to clean. First apply the tile cleaner on the tile and grout. Look at the instructions of your tile cleaner as some will require you to leave the cleaner on the tile while others will tell you to wipe it off right after. Once you are done with that wet the towels in the warm water and begin wiping the tile themselves. After that start using the brush to into the grout scrubbing firmly to make sure you get all that dirt and grime out. If your tiles still seem off colored repeat this one more time. When you are satisfied with the look of your times then move on to the next area.

Cleaning your tiles by yourself can be a lot of hard work. It can sometimes take hours or days to get every tile in your home and afterwards you will feel exhausted. Not only do you have to do all the work yourself but you also have to take the time out of your day to go to the store an buy all the supplies. With a tile cleaning professional you simply need to call them up and set up an appointment time, then they do all the work for you.

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How a gym software management company can assist you with PCI compliance

Running a health club can be stressful enough without dealing with the frightening consequences of credit card fraud.  Unfortunately, not every employee that you hire in the course of your career is going to be as honest and you are, and that is why it is important to protect yourself and your business from being accused of credit card fraud by one of your members. The solution to this is to utilize a health club management software system.  We spoke to the owners of a gym in Denver, CO and they confirmed that a large reason that they decided to invest in management software in the first place was because they wanted to make sure that their business was PCI compliant and ASF Payment Solutions was able to offer that security to them.

PCI compliance is a security standard that was put in place in 2004 in order to help reduce the instances of credit card fraud. It creates a standardized method by which all major credit cards are processed in order to reduce the exposure of the card to any people outside of the owner of that card. Since all credit cards are typically processed using a computer system, part of being in compliance with this means that a variety of security measures are put in place to protect that information once it is in the system. This usually involves installing a firewall in your computer system and restricting access to the card numbers and security code once they have been entered into the system. It also requires that all transactions involving a major credit card be tracked and monitored so that it can be documented when and why the card was charged. In order to keep information more secure, anyone that has access to a computer with credit card numbers on it must have a unique personal ID that is entered so that the system can document who is trying to charge a credit card at any given time.

This is why using ASF Payment Solutions,which is a health club management system, is such a good idea. The security for credit cards is already built into the product that they offer, which will save you time and money in trying to set up the proper restrictions in your system yourself.  Companies that accept and process credit card transactions are typically audited once or twice a year, which can be a huge pain for the business owner. But with a health club management software system, they are able to help you with obtaining the work of obtaining the appropriate documentation to show that you have been operating in full PCI compliance. This will save you both time and money, and is worth the cost of the management software all on its own. Do not take the risk of being responsible for the identity theft of one of your members, invest in a company that can help you to protect the billing information of your clients and in turn of yourself.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Senior Living Facility

When one decides to go to college and live away from home, there are things that one has to consider in order to be able to have practically the most comfortable and convenient living possible. You have all the list of items, guidelines and terms on what to consider in choosing a good home for the rest of your college life.

While this is a totally different experience, the considerations are almost at all instances the same. So, what are the things that one must put in mind in order to choose the best home for a love one who wishes to experience an independent living like a senior assisted living?

Senior Assisted Living

Respite Care

Here are some of the few considerations in choosing his second home:

Senior Assisted Living Facilities. One of the vital considerations in choosing a home for someone who is special to you is the kind of facilities and amenities it provides. You want to give your love ones the best, therefore you want them to have the best experience that they can possibly have. In choosing a second home for them, you see to it that it has medical facilities in case of emergencies. You look into the details as to the ability of the institution to provide medical assistance in case emergencies and unexpected situations. You look into the technological competency of the equipment and facilities. Aside from that, you take into account the kind of amenities that they offer for personal enhancement and social interaction y considering the kinds of services it offers and provides.

The staff residents. You must also take in point that the people who get to go around your love one are well rounded, intellectually capable and have the heart and ideals to care for anyone even to people they are not familiar with. Usually, a person who gives assistance are not related to you or your love one and it gives you that easy feeling of comfort and peace when you know the kind of people that surround them. Above all, they should be able to provide the care and service that your love one need while you are away.

The environment and the people who he gets to interact. Usually, this will come under the least of your priorities but knowing the kind of people who gets to interact and converse with him at almost always gives you a little peace of mind. Being able to know the kind of people who could influence the ideals and ideas of your love one will provide you an idea whether or not it is best for him to be there or not.

The personal preference of the person who wishes to be in a respite care situation. Above all consideration is to prioritize the preference of the person who wish to be placed in that situation. Among others, he is the person most capable of knowing the kind of environment, the type of people he wants to be with and the kind of independent senior living he wanted to engage himself in.

Why you should buy your engagement ring together

When you are ready to get engaged, one of the first things that is typically done is that an engagement ring is shopped for, selected and purchased. Traditionally, this is always been something that the nervous young man goes out and does on his own. It is all up to him to shop for and select the perfect ring that will show case his soon to be fiancée. While this is the traditional storybook tale of how couple would normally become engaged, the trend of just one person shopping for and purchasing an engagement ring seems to be changing. No longer is it expected that only the groom will go out and shop for as well as finance a ring for his fiancée. As couples are moving towards more modern ideas of how weddings are financed (not only by the bride’s family) and how someone is proposed to, the the idea that a groom must select the engagement ring on his own is becoming a little more outdated.

One of the biggest perks of shopping for an engagement ring with your fiancé is that you get to shop for it alongside your partner and you have a guarantee that the ring you choose you will absolutely truly love. You also will have a shorter turnaround time on receiving your ring because you will be there to make sure that it is sized correctly and perfectly. your fiancé will no longer have to guess at your ring size or try to go behind your back talk to your friends and family about what your sizes and what style preference you have.

Modern weddings are more and more typically being planned and paid for by the happy couple, instead of by the family of the bride. Since they are now taking on the financial burden of planning their own wedding and honeymoon, there is less emphasis on buying the biggest and nicest ring that your budget can accommodate. Rings are also becoming less traditional with more people opting for rings that do not have diamonds in them as their center stone, and custom-made rings that are designed with you and a jeweler to advise you our rising popularity.

Davidson jewels is a great example of a company that has moved away from diamond only engagement rings and has embraced the idea of a couple coming into together and taking the time to create and design a custom ring. They take the time to work closely with a couple to create the perfect piece of jewelry. The end result is a high-quality product that is unique, personal, and custom fitted. Not all jewelry stores offer this service, but Davidson jewels is also able to create a 3-D rendering of the customer ring that you create so that you can be sure that it is exactly what you and your fiancé have envisioned.

Shopping together for a ring whether it is a custom ring or one from the display case Will Inn sure that you receive a ring that you truly love.

Celebrity endorsements make a huge difference.

There are many ways that a company can choose to market their products and one of the best ways for this to happen is through the use of celebrity endorsements. There are many examples of this that people, who even do not watch TV at all can name off the top of their heads.  They are so common that it may be one of the easiest ways for companies to rep their products.  Not only do they get to advertise the products, they will be able to clearly show all of the benefits as highlighted by the celebrity.  It is a great program that the very best companies utilize on a constant basis.

athlete marketingA brief search of the best celebrity endorsements on the legendary AdWorks site reveals that the magazine says the best endorsements to come out recently are those by Matthew McGonahey, one has to realize that it is not how you spell his name, but the author really could not care less to double check the spelling.  Another good endorsement was done by Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors who has a great following among casual basketball fans and even pop culture fans.  It is a great way for many people to be able to connect with him due to the products that he is pitching.

Beyond the ability of people to listen to celebrities there is a very complicated way to get a hold of these celebrities to get on board with the products.  A good example of this is the use of a big company.  A big company, as long as they are more or less ethically sound, can just throw money at a celebrity, but how is a smaller company going to be able to achieve this.  Few small companies have the ability to do this and as a result, you need to figure out the best way for companies like yours to be this successful.  As a result, one of the best things that you can do is to get in touch with a company that has the ability to get into touch with the best celebrities and athletes, so they can pitch the best products available.  You have to be able to find a product that fits the athlete well and as a result, it is a great way to ensure that people will be able to connect with the product that much more. That is why so many companies are using other business to business companies to achieve the best results for their products.  That is where FIMI Group comes in.  FIMI Group is able to connect people with the products through their favorite celebrities that also love the products.  The worst endorsements are those when the celebrity does not care about the products at all.  The reason for this is the opportunity for people to notice what is authentic and what is just a show.  As a result, if you are looking to pitch your product, make sure that the person pitching actually like the product.

Not all Marijuana Strains are the same potency

The main component of marijuana that causes it to be a substance that can create that feeling of being high is the presence of the substance delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC for short. This is a psychoactive chemical that, in combination with the other substances or cannabinoids in marijuana, determine the strength, or potency, of the drug.  THC levels are not always the same from plant to plant, or even from one part of the plant to the other.

Many people have speculated that the potency of the THC in marijuana strains has increased over the years, and they would be right in that assumption. As laws have changed to allow for legal use of medical marijuana in some states and recreational use in others, the demand has increased for production. The growing methods have been advanced and now hydroponic growing along with crossbreeding and genetic modification has evolved into a new generation of cannabis, and a must stronger one. there are even claims that growing under hydroponic conditions versus natural light creates a more potent plant.

To measure the potency of a plant, a sample is usually given to a lab, such as CannLabs where they measure the amount of THC present in the plant. The higher the THC, the more potent the sample. Tests like these have helped to determine that while it is definitely certain that potency has gone up in the last 25 years, it is not the huge increase that many people believe it to be. THC levels have shown to have increased on average by 2 to 7 times higher than they were in the 1970’s. However, it is important to note that how marijuana will affect an individual is very similar to how alcohol can affect different people. Not every person has the exact same threshold of tolerance, and a lot of that can vary based on the age of the person, how often they imbibe and how young they were when they first started to partake. These same factors influence how a person may respond to any strain of marijuana, and if there is any uncertainty about dosage, the recommendation is to always start conservatively. In addition to starting with smaller samples and smaller doses, it is encouraged that someone consuming cannabis start off by trying methods with more immediate and controllable responses, such as smoking as opposed to oil or edibles. These take longer to take effect and therefore can sometimes cause someone to take a larger dose than recommended.

So, why is all of this important? It is important to read the labels and ask questions about potency before consuming marijuana. If you are unprepared for the side effects, that can lead to anxiety and paranoia, and if you are taking medical marijuana medically too high of a dose can actually have a negative effect instead of a medicinal one. Only purchase cannabis products that have been tested in a certified lab so that you can trust that the labeling of potency levels are accurate.

The Absorption Methods for Organic Essential Oils

Medicine can come in a variety of different ways. Each type of medicines is prescribed to be taken a certain way. This may mean either by mouth, a topical, intravenous, or through the nose. These are just amongst the most common methods that are used to take a medication. Your doctor will have the best method for you to take the medication. The thing is there is a whole other form of medication that is becoming more and more popular. This is known as organic essential oils. This is a type of modern medication that can be used for a variety of different things. Anywhere from a medical condition that the doctors medication is not working anymore, to simply helping you with you stress that you get from everyday life.

There are a couple of different major forms of organic essential oils that our bodies can absorb the vapors or ingredients of the organic essential oils. The most common forms are through the blood stream, a topical on the exterior of the skin, through the nose by inhalation, or by the use of a massage.

To start you out with a little bit of knowledge about the best forms of absorption for the organic essential oils there is the first method of using an essential oil to heal something. This is commonly referred to as the intravenous method. The reason for this is very self-explanatory. Anything that goes through your veins, or blood stream, is known as an intravenous type of method. This is where the organic essential oils are put through your blood stream in order to help the organic essential oils reach through all aspects of your body very quickly. This will be one of the fastest methods of using an organic essential oil. The ingredients from the oils will run very quickly through your bloodstream in order to get to the point in your body which was the initial reason that you took the organic essential oils.

The second most popular method of use for the organic essential oils is through the topical use. This is where the organic essential oils are used on the exterior of the skin on the location of the body that is having pain. If you are having some other type of problem such as a skin irritation, including a rash, acne break out, or allergic reaction you will want to put the organic essential oils on that particular location of the body.

The third common method of use for the use of an organic essential oil is through your respiratory system. This is a very effective method to use any type of organic essential oils because it can be taken through your nose. The way that you would perform this type of method of using organic essential oils is by inhaling the oils through your nose. This will allow the organic essential oils to travel up through your respiratory system. The organic essential oils will then travel through your sinus system, through your throat, and then down into your lungs.

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The vampire lift examined

When you hear the word “vampire,” what comes to mind? Dracula? Garlic? Blood? Now we’re getting somewhere: blood is probably the number one association people have with vampires and rightly so given vampires’ beverage of choice. The vampire lift’s name then probably derives for its use of blood or perhaps the blood that results from the procedure. Let’s take a closer look to find out.

One of the most famous vampire facelifts is Kim Kardashian’s. She acknowledged when commenting on the surgery that thought it had been painful, in the end, all of the pain was worth it.  The goal of this facelift is to thicken collagen, the collagen that fills out the face’s contours, the collagen that is lost when wrinkles form and that without which wrinkles cannot be eliminated from the face. Using injections of human plasma, hence the connection to the vampiric name, vampire facelifts are said to stimulate new cell growth which leads to a more youthful appearance in little time.

The procedure takes 30 to 40 minutes in total, an amazing short duration. It will cost between $800 and $1500 depending on where you have the procedure done with those in major metropolises paying more.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the vampire facelift procedure. First to the pros. Many call the vampire facelift a completely safe procedure, a very good assurance. Secondly, the procedure generates new blood vessels for the skin, a very good thing. This is done through ridding the skin of red blood cells and injecting a medicated serum back into the skin along with the platelets. After some time as passed, the patient’s skin will be accompanied by a volume and glow that wasn’t there before. Though this result may take up to eight weeks to become apparent, the skin’s appearance will become visible improved with blemishes greatly diminished and overall skin tone becoming luminous.  Because this procedure uses a patient’s own body tissue, there is not chance for an allergic response, making the vampire facelift an attractive option.

Now to the cons. One major con is the fact that the vampire facelift is still not as proven as some other procedures and products. Using it can be a bit of a wild card, then.  Some of us are not natural risk takers, which can make the new kid on the block feel worrisome. And, some would argue–though the vampire facelift is supposedly natural, lacking all fillers but only containing the body’s own materials–that the vampire does actually use unnatural–to the body–fillers, and we know how negative the presence of fillers can be.

Still, with the dramatic appearance improvement that comes with the vampire, perhaps the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Plus, this procedure is truly an alternative to Botox, a medication that some would call extreme and unnecessary.

If you want to learn more about facelift procedures, contact an expert, a plastic surgeon and his staff. Dr. Raval of Raval MD has had a successful practice in Denver for almost fifteen years. He and his staff are there to answer your questions.



Facts about LP records you may not have known.

Sound Stage Direct is your leading resource for amazing and high quality LP records or vinyl records. For a while people stated that the LP was on its way out, now we are discovering that the LP is actually on its way back in! More and more people are seeking out LP records to listen to their favorite artists; Sound Stage Direct is happily offering people their amazing inventory of music to choose from. Sound Stage Direct LP recordsdoesn’t only have quality inventory, they also offer quality service. They go above and beyond with their services so you can easily access your music from them. How does Sound Stage Direct go above and beyond for you?

They only sell new and sealed LP records that come directly from the manufacturer. If the LP is not brand spanking new, they will make a note on the cover so you know what you are getting. Unfortunately they don’t buy LP records, but if you are looking for a company that does, Sound Stage Direct suggests Princeton Record Exchange.

Sound Stage Direct wants to break down the different types of LP records that they offer for you to choose from. LPs are typically produced on either 200 or 180 gram pressings which offer high definition premium grade virgin vinyl. This is in contrast to the typical vinyl record that is usually 120 or 140 gram pressings. In fact, these LP records have been manufactured with those the most passionate about LP records in mind. These records usually offer high bass quality and have what they consider a warmer sound. The 180 or 200 gram pressings are usually not created in mass amounts, so the fact that Sound Stage Direct has these vinyl records for you to pick up is quite extraordinary.

Typically, Sound Stage Direct gets their vinyl records from independent labels and distributors as well as from major labels. In addition they offer domestic and import titles. Some of the more major companies that Sound Stage Direct gets their records from include Music on Vinyl, Original Recording Group, Analogue Productions, MoFi, Speakers Corner, Universal, Warner Brothers and Sony Music. Sound Stage Direct is committed to widening their net of resources to ensure that their customers are getting as much variety as they possible can get.

In addition to their wonderful selection, Sound Stage Direct is an authorized dealer of vinyl records so you can be sure you are getting quality products. They are totally open to the public so you can stop by their offices and browse their audio equipment. Most of their inventory is on-line, however. If you happen to be in Doylestown, PA then definitely stop in to see what they have going on. They sell audio equipment and accessories as well such as turntables, speakers, pre-amps, amplifiers, DACs and other hardware with brands by some of the most famous and well-respected names in the vinyl records industry.

No matter what you are looking for, Sound Stage Direct has amazing equipment and vinyl records. In addition, they offer excellent customer service to make sure you are getting all the help that you need.

Hard proof of the need for Colorado radon mitigation. are many people who feel that the threat of radon has been overblown for years, and that it’s some conspiracy to take money from people who don’t have the money to spend.  Although it is fair for people to be wary of claims that there is a threat in their home that they can’t see, touch, or taste, the reality of the situation is that radon poisoning is actually quite common in the United States and leads to a great many fatalities and shortened life spans.

SWAT Environmental, a Colorado radon mitigation company, has been at the forefront of this industry for almost three decades.  They understand just how dangerous prolonged exposure to radon gas can be, so they’ve been fighting not only to raise public awareness about the issue, but also to help people install radon mitigation systems in their homes.  These systems remove the radon from the home via a duct system and ventilation fan, taking the radon from the areas where it is entering the home and distributing it back outside.

If you are one of the many skeptics of the actual hazards of radon gas, visit SWAT Environmental’s website and take a look at the links they have posted on the right side of the page.  These links will take you directly to studies performed by the smartest experts in their field, from the United States EPA to the American Lung Association.  Here is some of the important information from those pages.  If this information doesn’t make you want to take the threat of radon seriously, there probably isn’t anything that will.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, radon exposure is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths each and every year.  There is a simple solution to get rid of radon in your home, namely contacting a radon abatement specialist and having them install a radon remediation system in your home.  Most people who die from radon exposure had no idea it was even a threat and never took the steps to prevent it.

The Surgeon General’s office is another of the high ranking governmental agencies that claims that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the country.  These are the experts in the field, and if the research is showing them that there is a direct link between radon and lung cancer, then you can be that they know what they are talking about.

The National Cancer Institute has published a study showing the direct correlation between radon and respiratory issues.  The radioactive radon gas enters the body through the mouth and travels to the lungs.  Once there, it works to damage the cell walls of lung cells, leaving them more prone to mutations, i.e. cancer.  This direct correlation has been proven and is a clear reason why people should take the threat of radon poisoning quite serious.

Other groups and governmental agencies have performed studies over the year.  The facts are readily available, so have your home tested as soon as possible.

General Requirements of Radom Mitigation Standards

With the Earth facing more contamination than before, environmental remediation has become a concern not just of large companies or manufacturing facilities but even small homes as well. One of the many difficult issues being faced is when it comes to materials that are radioactive but naturally occurring. One such element is called Radon. It is a colorless gas and is said to be the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has many policies and plans in order to promote better radon mitigation. One way that the EPA helps in this issue is in coming up with standards needed. These standards need to be followed since they are after all dealing with something that is radioactive.

Radon Remediation

Radon Mitigation

The EPA also has what is known as Radon Mitigation Standards for homeowners or companies to follow. The RMS has 5 very important General Requirements.

  1. All components of any radon mitigation system must be in compliance with the necessary provisions.

Just because you are working towards lessening radon contamination, it does not mean that you disregard other safety policies of the government. In many mitigation systems, a pipe is often needed. If a pipe is to be installed, it has to comply not just with those set under the RMS, but with other standards as well like that in plumbing or fire prevention codes.

  1. The contractor must have the required permits and display them in areas that can be seen.

There are many radon remediation companies in different states around the country. However it is important that they are licensed since any injuries incurred during work may be charged to you. Any certifications need to be displayed as well to show customers they are not hiding anything.

  1. When removing materials from the structure to hold the pipes, the amount removed must be within the applicable codes.

One of the dangers of mitigation systems is that the contractor may remove unnecessary materials from the structure. They may result in weakening the structure endangering those in the house even more.

  1. Installing pipes or other materials must be done in accordance with local or federal laws.

Though the contractor needs to follow codes when removing materials, they need to follow important laws as well when installing materials. This is to ensure that the pipes put in for example, will last and not face the risk of being removed due to non-compliance.

The website of the EPA has a more detailed account on this particular set of standards. If you want to know more however you can always ask a professional contractor. MTN Inc. is one such contractor. You can view more about them at

Like many contractors they follow not just the standards set by the EPA but that of other agencies as well. They not only offer radon mitigation but other services related to environmental mitigation as well. They have vapour remediation and methane mitigation among others. With this number of services, they truly are the one for your radon remediation needs.


  1. You save money on a booth which 9 out of 10 times you will only use once anyways. While there could be a lot of advantages to buying a quality booth and using it time after time, there are a number of issues that make that complicated. The first problem is that, in general, you are going to be traveling from city to city, state to state and maybe even overseas when you attend exhibition center events. The tremendous cost of shipping even a small booth across so much space makes reusing the booth economically impossible. The second serious issue is that of booth damage. A trade show booth can take a lot of abuse from the thousands of potential visitors it may receive on a busy day, each one taking its toll on the booth. So, as the booth is hardly suited for repeated use, the only other option is renting a booth. Rented booths are superior to those purchased for those two same reasons. The rented booths are maintained by the companies that rent them out, so any repairs that they may need over time are taken care of by the company. The second issue of traveling also reveals a big plus because you can simply rent a new booth in each new city you visit. You will not have to worry about hiring a company to transport your booth from city to city.
  2. The second potential money saver that renting a booth offers is the fact that there are many companies that offer ready to use booths which include general design themes and can even place your company’s graphics on existing posters and other promotional material. As if all this was not enough to make renting the easy choice, there is still the fact that setting a booth up takes a lot of time from a company that is already in a rush, then there is still the fact that the companies that rent the booths offer the additional service of setting them up at the event s=center for you before you even get to town. You just need to talk with the company representatives and work out the details of how you want your booth to look, once you arrive there is very little left for you to do but set up your product samples and get ready for the rush.
  3. There is a lot more attention nowadays on the trade show exhibit to be more nature friendly. People don’t want to support companies that are doing harm to the environment or that are unjustly wasting materials. There is no way to save more energy and materials than by renting a booth instead of building your own. The majority of companies that are renting booths today will even place signs up that read “rented booth, nature friendly”. It is a real plus for the public to know that they are not supporting an industry that is wasting tens of thousands of pounds of materials each time there is an event center exhibition.

The Top Reasons for Companies to Test Cannabis Potency

Marijuana PotencyTesting, experimenting, or showing results is something that laboratory scientist do on a daily basis. There are so many things that a scientist needs to go through in order to release a single statement about their findings. In the world of science there is no room for errors. The reason for this is because the slightest mistake could cause some very serious effects in the people that are engaging in the product that was being tested. There could be serious enough effects to the point where death could be the ending result in a mistake in the laboratory tests. Now, when it comes to drugs, this is a very serious matter. If the doses are off by just a little bit it could cause the user of the drug to have a drug over dose. Everyone has an idea of what will be the result of a drug over dose. It usually is nothing good that comes out of a drug over dose. There could be drug addictions, a serious illness, or death that could be the ending result.

In order to avoid all of these potential problems it is very important that cannabis testing companies perform proper drug administration drugs in order to determine the cannabis potency in each dose. Cannabis can come in different strengths. The strength of the cannabis can depend on the amount of the main component THC or the other chemicals that are used to help make a cannabis plant. There is a series of tests that they will need to perform in order to come up with the most accurate dosages.

Once the cannabis potency is determined in the variety of different types of cannabis then the scientists will be able to determine the levels of cannabis that will be needed for certain medical conditions. The series of tests will determine how one level of cannabis potency will treat minor illnesses. The minor illnesses may just be helping relieve pain or minor psychosis symptoms. There is then the higher levels of cannabis potency which could be the levels that will treat sever levels of epilepsy.

One of the most important things that the cannabis science professionals need to keep in mind when they are testing the cannabis potency levels is that the use of heat should not be used. As you may already know, cannabis is a plant. If you were not already aware that if it is exposed to the right temperature of heat it will begin to burn. When cannabis is burned it will release the chemicals that it is made of into the air. This could then cause a high to the people that are in its presence. The best method for testing the cannabis potency is to use microscopic tools that do not emit heat onto the cannabis. This will also yield the most accurate levels of cannabinoids in the cannabis. The final outcomes will determine the best cannabis potency. The thing to avoid is causing the cannabinoids to decompose if they are exposed to heat.

How to Know it’s Time to Replace your Siding

Sometimes being a homeowner means that you have to constantly evaluate the condition your home is in, and gauge when it is time for repairs. Siding on a home can last for many years with proper care,  but it is important to know when it is time to repair and replace it. Here are a few warning signs that your siding is in need of some first aid.

1.    You have Dry Rot. Dry rot is a fungus that can begin to grow under the siding sections where is can be damp and dark. Since dry rot can start in a place that is out of sight, often it can do quite a bit a damage before it ever becomes visible on the outside of the siding. If you suspect that moisture has gotten into your siding, make sure to call a professional out quickly to evaluate the damage. Along with dry rot, you should also be sure to note any signs of mold or mildew growing on your home’s siding. This can crop up specifically near the seams. If you see this, or any other signs that water is penetrating the barrier of your siding, it may be time to replace.

2.    You have had to repaint your home frequently. If you are noticing that your home is in need of repainting more frequently than every 5 years or so, you likely have a problem with your siding. Siding that is in good condition should be able to hold up during a paint job for at least 8 years. If you notice that the paint is fading quite a bit, or that it is peeling, chipping, or cracking in places, then you might have a problem.

3.    Your heating and cooling bills are through the roof. Insulation isn’t just about your windows and doors being sealed properly, if you do not have the right sealing wrap installed between the siding and the walls of your home then you will lose energy very quickly. If you notice a steady increase in the amount you are paying for your energy bills, that means your home is working harder to maintain the desired temperatures and you should have the siding examined.

4.    When you look at your siding, you see several sections that have warped or cracked. If you only see a few pieces that are damaged, then you may not have a large scale issue, but either way you will want to make sure that you are always repairing broken siding in a timely manner. You also want to make sure that when your professional installer comes to make repairs that they look at the area underneath the siding to make sure there is not any serious damage.

5.    Bubbles. If you notice that there are parts of the siding that are creating bubbles outward, this means that you likely have some water trapped behind the siding. As mentioned above, water should NOT get past the siding, so this is a sign you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Top reasons to invest in a data analysis consulting team.

If you are a business person, then you probably value the work that your company does. You take pride in the things that you do, else why would you invest time and energy in doing these things. After all, your life’s work will be your legacy; don’t you want it to be something that is valued over time? There are a lot of ways to ensure http://www.mosaicdatascience.comthat the work you do is valued, but perhaps one of the most important things that you can do is work to make sure it is safe and it is efficient. There are a lot of risks associated with a business and unless you know what those risks are and how to mitigate them, you could end up in a heap of trouble. Similarly, you probably have any number of systems in place that are set up to make your company powerful and efficient, but what if there are flaws in those systems that you cannot see? There are a lot of questions that you probably have about your business, but where should you go to get those answers? This is where working with a data analysis consulting group can become a huge help to you and to your company. After all, data mining and data science is key for so many different groups. By seeking knowledge from data that already exists, you are able to figure out new and better ways to accomplish the work that you hope to do. There are so many great ways that you can make use of data when you have a data scientist on your side to help you figure out what your data is trying to say! Here are a few reasons you should invest in a data science expert’s opinions and expertise:

  • Learn how to optimize your systems: You probably have a lot of interacting systems in place in your work, but have you ever taken a closer look to see how these systems interact and overlap? If you could identify areas of inefficiency across these systems, you would save valuable time and money, make your company more profitable. These are the goals, so working through these details is critically important. Finding areas of inefficiency is great way that a data scientist can help you improve upon your company.
  • Determine risks and how to avoid them: Not only can a data scientist help you become more efficient, but you can use data science to better assess risk in the work you do. Risk assessments are easily done with the right tools at hand, and when you make note of these things you are much more capable of addressing risky situations before something goes awry.
  • Maximize systems: With a data scientist, you can create systems that enhance efficiency over the long term. For example, creating an enterprise ontology is just one system that can cut out the need for a lot of other inefficiencies in an organization. This is the beauty of the kind of work that data scientists can do for your company!

Improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is an important tool that has helped many people to improve their smile and facial muscles, both aesthetically and functionally. Sometimes when you hear the http://www.drdevaney.comwords ‘cosmetic dentistry’ you think it is something that is done strictly for vanity reasons and that is an expensive process that is not something an average person is normally able to afford. In reality, many types of cosmetic dentistry are simple procedures that are straightforward and can be very affordable, plus they not only service the purpose of improving your appearance but they can also make your dental life easier for several reasons. Some of the main reasons that people have cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry can improve your health. One aspect of cosmetic dentistry is straightening your teeth. With teeth that are in proper alignment, you will have an improved bite which leads to better chewing. This can not only reduce pain caused from an offset bite, it can also improve digestion. If you have broken teeth, a cosmetic dentist can not only repair it so that it looks better visually, but so that you no longer experience pain due to exposed nerves, or perhaps sensitive or misplaced teeth. A healthy smile is vital to having overall good health.
  • Repairs worn teeth. In addition to helping improve your overall appearance, it can also help relieve any pain you may be experiencing due to teeth that are broken, worn down through the enamel or any other issues that may be causing you pain.
  • To improve the appearance of your smile as well as your face – There is absolutely no doubt that a healthy, straight, white smile can improve anyone’s appearance. Whether you are investing in veneers or crowns, or if you opt to try an effective teeth whitening program, you will create a a better and brighter smile.
  • To raise your confidence and your self esteem.  Your face , and especially your smile, is the first thing someone sees when they meet you. if you feel better about your smile then you will feel better about yourself. Self confidence is important to everyone, as it will improve your interactions with other people and increase the confidence you have with approaching challenging situations.
  • It is an easy and affordable way to improve your overall appearance. Cosmetic dentistry does not have to a pain-causing procedure. In fact, despite it’s name, many of the reasons that cosmetic dentistry is performed is to help ease pain that is not visible on the surface, but may be causing issues that have nothing to do with how one’s teeth look. For example, braces may straighten teeth, but they can also relive painful pressure or TMJ being caused by an overbite.
  • It can help to reduce tooth sensitivity – over the counter teeth whiteners can often cause heightened tooth sensitivity. If you choose to use a professional dentist for your cosmetic work, you will be using a higher quality product that is less likely to cause damage to your tooth enamel and cause a person pain.


  1. Commercial construction has become a national industry once again. Construction has always been an important part of this country, not only because it has been the driving factor behind our expanding cities but also because construction itself has been a very vital part of our economy. The construction industry was already a 20 billion dollar a year industry by the late 50’s. There was a period however, when some of constructions biggest and most important sectors were becoming dominated by outside markets. The materials we use to build were cheaper to buy overseas and the large companies that once made all of our heavy equipment were being surpassed by forging companies which started to develop better machinery that replaced out own domestic manufacturers. By the late 70’s, almost 40 percent of our commercial construction industry was supplied by companies outside of the country. One of our national industries was starting to die. In the mid 70’s there was another construction boom in the country as waves of people moved west and also moved away from big cities and into the rapidly growing suburbs around the country. The stimulation caused thousands of innovative young business people to one again set their sights on the construction industry as a source for solid work in the nation. The affect was felt immediately in all sectors of the industry. Our top producers of heavy machines used on construction sites, once again started to build new and better machines and slowly take back their place as the best construction machine makers for national companies. The need for building materials was also so high that many of the companies preferred to buy locally and not have to wait for shipments to arrive from outside suppliers. The age of the national construction industry was back and better than ever and the second burst of life brought about waves of fantastic new equipment and building methods.
  2. The construction companies started to work in a more diverse line of areas, making the commercial construction companies lager than ever. Whereas it was once very typical that one company would focus on only one kind of construction jobs, because of the advancements in technology and the improvements in the internal operation systems of the modern construction firms, now many companies manage a wide range of different commercial construction jobs. Modern companies, such as Gregor Industries offer construction services for things like building remodeling, commercial building construction of roads and more. Twenty years ago, all of these different types of construction would have had to been managed by different kinds of construction companies. The change has made today’s construction firms larger and more efficient than ever before.
  3. There are much better programs for commercial contractors in our schools and universities. Since commercial construction is such an important industry, it is only natural that there should be a healthy number of programs for students who aspire to become commercial contractors. Today, dozens of business schools offer specialized courses aimed at better preparing their students for work in the commercial construction industry.